Sparklingtide is an ambitious team of tech professionals who come from global enterprises, such as Oracle and Red Hat. We are a fast-growing company with x4 growth over the last year.

For more than three years we have been helping businesses around the world to leverage digital technologies and reach their full potential. We build web and mobile solutions, our strongest point being complex software integrations —
for banks, telecom, real estate, insurance companies and even governments.

Today we have over 60 developers on the team and a wide network of senior level developers, designers, and architects to assign to large-scale projects. Our teammates are located in the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus and CIS.
We synchronize work via most advanced tools and can easily allocate a software dev team matching your time zone.

Our key tech stacks are Java, Python, Django, Vue.js, React Native, Rust, Go and Haskell. We believe in Agile, short sprints, and code review inside the team.
Nick Mushkovets
Founder & CEO
Nick is the founding father of our spirit, goals, and values. He brought together the core members of our team in 2018 and helped them make the most of their unique talents.

This is what one of our clients tells about our CEO:
Nick is a person of his word, an individual with amazing abilities, great charisma, and logic. I have worked with him for a long time, and hope to as well in the future.”
Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar, CEO at Tealtwo. July 2020

Chief Technology Officer

Konstantin Trufanov, Cyprus

Red Hat, Qiwi, Citi Bank

Technologies: Project Management, Scrum, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, System Administration (Linux), Ansible, SaltStack, RedHat Satellite

Lead Architect

Martin Betak, Czech Republic

Red Hat, Oracle NetSuite

Technologies: Scala, Rust, Java, JavaEE, Python, C++, Ruby on Rails, SQL Redis Lua, Redis Modules • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Akka, Dropwizard • Frontend: Node.js, React.js, Webpack • System Administration (Red Hat family), Unix shell scripting (Bash) • Android Development

Head of Development

Chris Portman, Netherlands
Red Hat, Sibur, Raiffeisen Bank

Technologies: Spring Framework, MySQL, Databases, SQL, JUnit, Maven, Git, JIRA, MongoDB, Spring Cloud, REST, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Docker, gRPC
Head of Infrastructure Team

Konstantin Erokhin, Moscow
Kaspersky, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Beeline

Technologies: Go, Python, Bash, Kubernetes, Docker, System Administration (Linux), Ansible, Networking, CISC
Real estate
Blockchain platform
Conference platform
Boxing Federation

Leaps blockchain platform

We were hired to develop the Leaps platform for the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, in order to increase state transparency and reduce administrative expenses. As a result, the platform has reduced paperwork and red tape in the state’s daily operations.

The Leaps allows citizens to order a birth certificate online and print it yourself or remotely confirm the accuracy of the information in a document, while the government's employees are able to instantly update and exchange information.

The platform works on the blockchain and allows one to exclude "unauthorized" changes, damage, or loss of any document.


- the government using a single network;

- interacting with documents online;

- excluding uncontrolled data changes;

- digitizing personal documents for the entire population of the country (more than 25 million people);

- registering new documents and changing old ones;

- eliminating corruption.

Technologies: Hyperledger fabric

Online conference platform

We received a task from the client to create a service for holding business conferences. And we made it even cooler than Zoom. The platform developed provides a wide range of functions — from organizing large online conferences and creating rooms for local calls to conducting internal document management and communicating within your own social network, similar to LinkedIn or Facebook. As a result, the client now has a website, a mobile application, and a video engine based on the open source Jitsi system.

Among the benefits, you can:

- Enter conference rooms with just one click;

- Manage all rooms within one event from a single account (for example, separate conference rooms with simultaneous speakers);

- Use business and personal chats at the same time from the same account, or create new chats as in a simple messenger;

- Have the interpretation function;

- Track the transition source (up to 50 sources);

- Integrate Standard Zoom and Linkedin functionality with a CRM and payment services.

Technologies: Laravel, Vue JS, React Native, Core, Jitsi

Boxing Federation

It took us six months to discuss and agree on the nuances with a state-level customer. The project involved a lot of features and was “due yesterday” =)

We did almost impossible — completed it in 2 months.

Previously the client used a boxed solution that had limited functionality and required a lot of actions to make changes. We developed a system easy to scale, change, create pages, add interactive maps, and much more.

Twenty-two specialists participated in the development.

Technologies: Javal, Vue JS

State telecom company

This client is a national provider of digital telecom services, incl. broadband Internet access, interactive TV, cellular communication, local and long-distance telephone communication, etc. Revenue in 2020 – $7.1 bln.

Nick and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. They are doing a great job, and we are working with them on an ongoing basis.

Maria Barteneva, Managing director

Project: Bus-line integration and business processes automation.

Goal: To combine a number of systems and data sources into a single interface.

The main objective of the project was to collect time-bound data and create an analytical database. Our team has implemented a bus-line that provides integration of several information systems and monitoring systems, each of which has its own pool of business tasks, business processes, and a number of Service Desks. The enormously complex and very different business logic of each system, the need to develop algorithms for connecting applications and processes required considerable time of our system analysts, especially for a custom monitoring system.

For each monitoring system, we created the microservices. The Discovery Service collects data from them, as well as launches and deletes the microservices without diving into the business logic of each. A system for working with incidents has been created and integration with external services (mail service, messenger, etc.) has been added. The architecture includes the ability to change settings and create microservices, which ensures further development. We also helped the company to develop the network and infrastructure in the cloud. When working on the project, we communicated regularly with the client's team, passed on our expertise, conducted training, and eventually were offered to take over the management process.

Benefit: The client now has a single bus-line connecting the services and enabling them to work through a single window, as well as the service for storing analytics in one place, which saves time and reduces labor costs.

Technologies: Java 11 / Spring 5.2, Apache Kafka, Apache Avro, Confluent Schema Registry, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, OpenJDK

Real estate development group

This real estate group is one of the largest full-cycle developers in the market of new housing construction in the country’s capital. The company was established in 2012 and for several years of its existence has managed to firmly occupy a leading position in terms of the volume of objects being built and housing commissioning. Revenue in 2020 – $300 mln.

I strongly recommend the Sparklingtide team. They provided highly qualified guys for the project. We are very happy with the results and continue to work with them on other projects.
Evgeny Chernov, Head of digital
Forecast digitalization
Tender platform
Forecast digitalization

Project objective: Digitization of the forecast model process.

The client's pain point: One needs to dig through endless excel files to find the required data.

The bottom line: The client had numerous data predicted by formulas and relationships in Excel, which led to long loading, complex use, and opacity of the forecast. To transfer the data and establish its interactivity, we have developed a separate service that provides connectivity and is actually a broker for event messages that should be exchanged by the "front" parts of the system in real time. When entering the new data, the service predicts the necessary data comparing it with the actual results, highlighting discrepancies and reasons. Now the client has a model of several hundred criteria for the competent projects calculation and forecast.

Technologies: Python, Vue JS

Tender platform

The goal of the project: To simplify the process, reducing risks and labor costs.

The client's pain point: The presence of numerous services and the inconvenience of data transmission.

The bottom line: The client kept three services with approximately the same functionality because "It just happened to be so". They were difficult to use and transfer data. We analyzed all the processes in different services and replaced them with one, speeding up operations, reducing risks, and making the process of interaction between all users and at all stages transparent.

Benefit: Performing all operations in a single window.

Technologies: Python, Vue JS, Java

State-level bank
Online payment system

State-level bank

Our client is a financial conglomerate and one of the leading financial institutions worldwide. According to the results of 2020, it has 96.2 million active private clients and 2.6 million active corporate clients. Its revenue in 2020 – $48 bln., capitalization – $82.1 bln.

We are building a money converter that will support half billion transactions per day.

Technologies: Java, Spring framework

Very cool guys. They won the tender, showed their best side, and now they receive direct contracts from us.

Tien, Product owner

Online payment platform


Qiwi is a publicly traded payment service provider headquartered in Nicosia, that operates electronic online payment systems in the CIS, Moldova, Romania, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. The company owns more than 21 million virtual wallets and over 149,000 terminals. Its revenue in 2020 – $525 mln., capitalization – $1.1 bln.

We have been working on various projects with Qiwi and their partners. One of these projects is an Integration Mediator for connecting the Terminal Network, the Qiwi payment system, and the customer's company. There’s everything you need at hand in a convenient personal account – the company products, market analytics, account navigation, account management, FAQ, and banking details. With a button on your dashboard, you can schedule an offline meeting with your personal advisor.

The well-thought-out UI solution of the personal account allowed many of our customers to smoothly switch to the online service, which reduced the company's operating costs and increased user loyalty.

Technologies: Java, Spring framework

We have been working with Sparklingtide for more than a year on various projects. The team is gradually expanding and scaling up. Absolutely recommended.

Nick Shekhvatov, Co-founder

Office Partner
American charity organisation
Let's Feed The Kids

The goal of the project is to create a unified system for accepting donations to unite major leaders in the field of digital fundraising and private persons who want to donate.

The essence of the project: Many people want to help those in need, but not everyone knows where and how to do it. Today, there are many charity organizations and foundations, open fundraisers, and private persons who need help – on the other hand. What if you combine them all in one service? To this end, we have developed the Social Charity Network with a news feed where you can choose who to provide financial support to, see the dynamics of fundraising, track the fate of those who have already been helped, and be sure that your donations have reached the recipient.

Technologies: React Native (frontend), Laravel и graphQL, PHP (backend)

Local Travel Tech startup
Travel & Joy

The goal of the project: To familiarize potential customers with events in the city of Sochi, to sell tickets for events inside the app, to cooperate with event organizers, and to make a marketplace of all services for tourists.

The essence of the project: Sochi is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists, and therefore the number of interesting local events is growing. The client came with a request for a convenient aggregator of city events with the ability to book seats in advance and buy tickets in the app. We successfully completed the task, and in addition developed a smart personalized feed that selects events based on the user's interests.

Technologies: Laravel backend (admin panel Nova), frontend React Native

American fashion retail startup

The goal of the project: To make the shopping process more convenient and less energy-consuming, to minimize the percentage of returned items which did not fit.

The essence of the project: A unique mobile application – social network and marketplace – to simplify online shopping. The app allows you to accurately select clothing by size. The user can: view the catalog of clothing of different brands; read the instructions for taking measurements; upload your measures to the app; view a selection of clothing, shoes, and hats by size; create your own virtual avatar and "try on" the desired clothes; share the result on social networks; pay for in-app purchases, etc.

Technologies: Laravel backend (admin panel Nova), frontend React Native

Web&Mobile startup
Office Partner

The goal of the project: To digitize the control and maintenance of equipment in offices. The client spent a lot of resources and time on the auditing. Naturally, they wanted to get rid of the headache by cutting costs.

The essence of the project: We developed an application and a website, thanks to which the client was able to easily record the availability and condition of equipment in the offices and on the floors. The inventory was simplified for the client and the time for transferring financial responsibility was reduced significantly. Controlling management activities became super easy with the help of a mobile application, which records the description of any piece of equipment, while user-friendly UX/UI allows you to use it intuitively.

Technologies: Python Django, Vue.js, React Native

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