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Sparklingtide is an ambitious team of professionals from global enterprises such as Oracle, Red Hat and many others.

Our mission is to provide professional expertise to businesses around the world, use modern technologies, digitalize processes, optimize production and discover the digital potential of companies.

We are a fast-growing boutique studio with 4x growth over the past year. We have 100+ professionals in team and 200+ consultants around the world.

Our partners include successful startups, banks, telecom, construction, insurance companies, and governments of various countries. We provide a full development cycle and set the project teams with the required specialists, such as DevOps, Analyst, Designer, Architect, and many others.

We focus on long-term cooperation and results during the working process, creating software that brings or saves money.


Development Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript

Development Skills&Frameworks: Docker, Kubernetes, Vue.js, Django, Spring Framework, Jenkins, ReactJs, React Native, Dart, Flutter and many others

Development Deliverables: API, Database, ArchitectureDatabase, DesignWeb, Application Website, Development Website, Redesign API, IntegrationBrowser, Database Development, Desktop Applications, Commerce Website, Platform, Plugin, Project Analysis, Responsive Design, UX/UI, Website Optimization, Gradle, Maven, Vault, ansible, Kafka, Swagger, Prometheus stack, ELK stack

Database: SQLiteRealm, Database, DBMongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, Redis, ClickHouse

Web Servers: Apache HTTP Server, NGINX, Apache Tomcat, Apache Geronimo, Lighttpd, Oracle, WebLogic Server, WildFly
Nick Mushkovets
Founder & CEO
Nick is our founder, leader, and mentor. He brought together the core members of our team in 2018 and helped them realize their unique talents.

Chief Technology Officer

Konstantin Trufanov

Red Hat, Qiwi, Citi Bank

Stack: Project Management, Scrum, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, System Administration (Linux), Ansible, SaltStack, RedHat Satellite, Python, Bash, Kubernetes, Docker, System Administration (Linux), Ansible, Networking, CISC

Lead Architect

Evgeny Nikolaev

Red Hat, Oracle NetSuite

Stack: Scala, Rust, Java, JavaEE, Python, C++, Ruby on Rails, SQL Redis Lua, Redis Modules • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Akka, Dropwizard • Frontend: Node.js, React.js, Webpack • System Administration (Red Hat family), Unix shell scripting (Bash) • Android Development


Blockchain Platform Leaps (Ivory Coast government)

To increase loyalty, transparency and reduce the expenses of the Ivory Coast state, we have developed the platform Leaps to reduce bureaucracy and government agencies paperwork.

Leaps allows citizens to order a birth certificate online and print it out on their own, remotely confirming the document authenticity, guaranteeing the data legitimacy. Employees of government agencies can instantly exchange information and make changes.

The platform runs on the blockchain and allows you to exclude unauthorized changes, damage, or loss of documents.


- unified network;

- online interaction with documents;

- exclusion of uncontrolled data changes;

- digitization of personal data for the entire population of the country (more than 25 million people);

- new documents registration and updating old one;

- elimination of corruption.

Stack: Hyperledger fabric

Platform for Business e-Conferences

The client set the task to create a service for business conferences. And we made it cooler than just Zoom. The developed platform provides a wide range of functions - from organizing large e-conferences and creating rooms for local calls to conducting internal document management and communication within our own social network, the analog of Linkedin. For the client, we made a website, a mobile app, and a video engine, which is based on Jitsi, the open-source system.

Benefits include:

- One-click entrance into conference halls;

- Controlling all halls within the same event from one account (e.g., separate conference rooms with simultaneous performances);

- Using business and personal chats from the same account at once or create new chats, as in a simple messenger;

- Internal translation service;

- Track traffic sources (up to 50 sources);

- Standard Zoom, Linkedin functions with CRM and payment services integration.

Stack: Laravel, Vue JS, React Native, Core, Jitsi

Telecom Company

Our client is the largest provider of digital services. Provides broadband Internet access, interactive television, cellular communication, local and long-distance telephone communication, etc. It occupies the leading position in the market of high-speed Internet access, pay-TV, data storage, processing, and cybersecurity. Revenue in 2020 is $7.1 billion.

Project: Business process automatization and Enterprise Service Bus

Purpose: System and data sources consolidation in the single interface

Core: The main objective was to collect time-bound data and create an analytical database. Our team implemented the integration bus for information and monitoring systems (all of them have their own pool of business tasks, processes, and Service Desks). With the extremely complex and various business logic of the systems, the need to work out algorithms for connecting applications and processes required a lot of work by our system analysts, especially for a custom monitoring system.

Separate microservices have been created for each monitoring system. Discovery Service collects data from them, launches and deletes microservices without diving into the business logic of each. We created the system to work with incidents and realized integration with external services (mail, telegram, etc.). The architecture includes the ability to change settings and create microservices, ensuring further growth. We worked closely with the client's team during the project, passed on our expertise, conducted the training, and eventually took over the management. We also helped develop the network and cloud infrastructure.

Benefits: The client has a single bus connecting services for working through one window and the service for storing analytics in one place, which reduces time and human costs

Stack: Java 11 / Spring 5.2, Apache Kafka, Apache Avro, Confluent Schema Registry, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, OpenJDK

Nick and his team are professionals in their field. They have done a great job, and we continue an ongoing cooperation.

Mari, Managing Director

Country's Major Developer

Our client is one of the major full-cycle realty developers. The company was established in 2012. For several years of its existence it has occupied the leading position in the volume of constructed facilities and the commissioning of housing. Revenue in 2020 is $300 million.

Many thanks to the team and personally Nick for quickly responding, prompt evaluation, and work involvement! It was highly important for us. The discussed task has been completed. Working with the team is comfortable, I see the result. The teammates are great guys, and I'm sure that everything will work out in new projects together with them.

Eva, Project's curator

Financial model digitalization

Purpose: Financial model digitization

Benefits: The work convenience

Client problem: “You need to dig into endless excel files to search for various data.”

Core: Numerous data forecasted by formulas and connections in Excel led to slow loading, complexity, and non-transparency of predictions.

To transfer data and provide interactivity, we have developed a separate service that ensures connections. Service is actually a broker for event messages exchanged by the system front parts in real-time. When entering new data, the service calculates dependent data, comparing it with the fact, highlighting discrepancies and causes.

Now the client has the model of several hundred criteria for competent calculation and projects forecasts.

Stack: Python, React

Competition platform

Purpose: Simplify the process by reducing risks and labor costs

Benefits: Performing all operations via a single interface

Client problem: Multiple services and the bulkiness of data transmission

Core: The client kept three services with almost the same functionality because “it's historically happened.” That made it difficult to use and transfer data. We analyzed all processes in different services and replaced them with one. It's speeding up operations, reducing risks, and making the process of interaction between all users and at all stages transparent.

Stack: Python, React, Java


State Bank

Our client is a financial conglomerate and one of the world's leading financial establishments. At the end of 2020, it has 96.2 million active private customers and 2.6 million active corporate clients. Revenue in 2020 - $48 billion, capitalization - $82.1 billion.

We are developing a converter that will support half a billion transactions per day.

Stack: Java, Spring framework

Very cool guys. They won the competition, showed their best side, and remain to develop this complex product

Tien, Product Owner
Online Payment System

We developed various projects for one of the largest online payment systems. One is the Integration mediator for connecting the Terminal Network, the payment system, and the customer's company. In a comfortable personal account, everything you need is always at hand - company products, market analytics, account navigation, account management, FAQ, banking details. With one click in the cabinet, you can schedule an offline meeting with a personal adviser at any time.

The intuitive UI of the personal account allowed many of our clients to turn easily to online service. It's reduced the company's transaction costs and increased user loyalty.

Stack: Java, Spring framework

Choosing an IT partner, we evaluated the skills and experience of complex integration products development. By market analysis, we selected Sparklingtide. The first project is complete ahead of schedule. So we can assert, without a doubt, choosing this company was not a mistake. The guys showed teamwork. Also, there is a good level of mutual understanding. The specialists work to coordinate and put all efforts to solve assigned tasks. We continue working on new projects with confidence in their high-quality implementation and timeliness.

Stefan, Chief Executive Officer

Let's Feed The Kids (Africa)

Purpose: The donation acceptance system for uniting major digital fundraising organizations and private benefactors

Core: Many people want to help the needy, but not everyone knows where and how to do it. There are many charitable organizations and foundations, open fundraisers, and just privates who need help. What if we combine it in one service? For that, we have developed the Social Charity Network with the news feed. You can choose to provide financial help. See the dynamics of fundraising, track the fate of already been helped persons. Be sure your donations have reached the recipient.

Stack: React Native, Laravel and graphQL, PHP

Travel & Joy (CZ)

Purpose: Presenting CZ events for potential clients, selling event tickets online, collaborating with event organizers, making the touristic marketplace service

Core: A huge seaside city rapidly gaining popularity among CZ tourists. At this point, the number of events is growing. The client came with the request for a handy city events aggregator with seat pre-booking and buying tickets online. We developed the app with the smart personalized feed matched on a user's interests events.

Stack: Laravel (admin panel Nova), React Native

TealTwo (US)

Purpose: To develop a user-friendly and less energy-consuming shopping service, and to minimize refunds on mismatched clothes

Core: Unique app (social and marketplace) with an option of precise clothing size selection. Users can view the catalog of clothes of different brands, set parameters, view relevant collections, try on, share on social media, buying, etc.

Benefits: Easy shopping. Clients often chose to shop offline due to the inability to try on clothes. The app solves this problem

Stack: Laravel (admin panel Nova), React Native

Office Partner

Purpose: To digitize control and maintenance of office equipment. The client spent a lot of assets and time on auditing. In this way, he wanted to get rid of the headache by cutting costs

Core: We developed an app and a website, with which the client easily fixed equipment availability and condition in offices and on the floors. In the end, we simplified stocktaking and reduced time costs for transfers of material responsibility.

Now analysis of economic activity is performed quickly and easily within the app. It records the description of any equipment, and the user-friendly UI allows you to use it intuitively.

Stack: Python Django, Vue.js, React Native

Management & Flexability

Having a good understanding of development processes and working closely and transparent with clients allows us to manage projects with maximum accuracy and flexibility.


We only hire engineers who can sort out any technical problem. And they only work on your project, as efficient team.

Code review, tests, tech retrospectives every month, architectural meetings, quallity-control software, tech metrics and fully transparent management

Cost efficiency

We know how to keep the cost of implementing new features with a large code base and a long-running project, which saves millions of dollars

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