Commercial offer
Project Title:
Guinea GovPayments MVP

MVP Activity Scope:
The application will have 2 types of roles: administrator and citizen
The system will have integration with the Orange payment service
Administrator can create/delete services that may be charged
Administrator can manage the list of payment providers
MVP version assumes that users can register themselves in the application
The user can pay for the service from their personal account
The user can view the history of their payments

Development Period:
1 sprint (2 weeks)

Project Team:

PM (middle) - 20 hours;
Python Dev (middle) - 40 hours;
React Native Dev (middle) - 60 hours;
UX/UI Designer (middle) - 40 hours.

How we work:
Road map
Simplifies the understanding of the team's development strategy by visualizing the team's workflow, pricing and planned occupation hours
Project management
Planning, assessment, sprint task distribution, Zoom coordination, stand-ups and communication in messengers
Task tracker — Monday
We use Monday for task tracking, which allows for real-time sprint and task completion monitoring
Documentation — Notion
Everything necessary for project comprehension: description, glossary, developers' corner, infrastructure, integrations, UX etc.
Project price:
$ 8 200
Contact Us:

Senior Business Development Manager
Nikolay Zaostrovtsev