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Sparklingtide — is a group of young professionals who come from enterprises such as Oracle and Red hat.

Our community is growing rapidly. We have more than 60 senior developers.

We help businesses to find and unlock their digital potential for more than three years.

Our stacks are Java, Python, Django, Vue js, React Native, Kotlin, Swift, and we also develop Rust, Go, Haskell, and Scala.
Tech Leaders
Chief Technology Officer

Konstantin Trufanov

Red Hat, Qiwi, Citi Bank

Technologies: Project Management, Scrum, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, System Administration (Linux), Ansible, SaltStack, RedHat Satellite

Lead Architect

Martin Betak

Red Hat, Oracle NetSuite

Technologies: Scala, Rust, Java, JavaEE, Python, C++, Ruby on Rails, SQL Redis Lua, Redis Modules • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Akka, Dropwizard • Frontend: Node.js, React.js, Webpack • System Administration (Red Hat family), Unix shell scripting (Bash) • Android Development

Head of Development

Christopher Portman
Red Hat, Sibur, Raiffeisen Bank

Technologies: Spring Framework, MySQL, Databases, SQL, JUnit, Maven, Git, JIRA, MongoDB, Spring Cloud, REST, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Docker, gRPC
Head of Infrastructure Team

Konstantin Erokhin
Kaspersky, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Beeline

Technologies: Go, Python, Bash, Kubernetes, Docker, System Administration (Linux), Ansible, Networking, CISC
that few people would undertake
Box Federation of Russia

The state customer discussed the project for six months, a lot of functionality. According to the real terms, as always, the product was needed yesterday =)

And we did it in 2 months.
Previously the client used a boxed solution with the limited functionality and required a lot of actions to make changes. We made a project that is easy to scale, change, or create pages, added interactive maps, and much more.
Twenty-two specialists participated in the development.

Technologies: Java, Vue JS, 4 sprints
Blockchain platform Leaps
For Ivory Coast Government
In order to increase the loyalty, transparency and reduce the costs of the Ivory Coast, we have developed the Leaps platform to reduce red tape and paperwork when interacting with the state apparatus.

Leaps allows you to order a birth certificate online and print it yourself, remotely confirm the accuracy of the information in the document, ensuring the legitimacy of the data, and employees of government agencies to instantly exchange information and make changes.

The platform works on the blockchain and allows you to exclude "unauthorized" changes, damage or loss of any document.

Technologies: Hyperledger fabric, 8 sprints
Integration bus-line and business process automation

Goal: To combine a number of systems and data sources in a single interface.
The main objective of the project was to collect time-bound data and create an analytical database. Our team has implemented a bus-line that provides integration of several information systems and monitoring systems, each of which has its own pool of business tasks, business processes and a number of Service Desks. The enormously complex and very different business logic of each system, the need to develop algorithms for connecting applications and processes, required the time of our system analysts, especially for a custom monitoring system.
Microservices have been created for each monitoring system. Discovery Service collects data from them, as well as launches and deletes microservices without diving into the business logic of each. A system for working with incidents has been created, and integration with external services (mail, telegram, etc.) has been added. The architecture includes the ability to change settings and create microservices, which ensures further development. When working on the project, we worked closely with the client's team, passed on our expertise, conducted training, and eventually took over the management. We helped develop the network and infrastructure in the cloud.

Benefit: The client has a single bus-line connecting the services for working through a single window and the service for storing analytics in one place, which reduces time and human costs.
Стек: Java 11 / Spring 5.2, Apache Kafka, Apache Avro, Confluent Schema Registry, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, OpenJDK
For a major Developer in Russia
1st project
Project objective: Digitization of the forecast model process.
Benefit: Ease of operation
The client's problem: You need to dig through endless excel files to find different data
The bottom line: The client had numerous data predicted by formulas and relationships in Excel, which led to long loading, complex use, and opacity of the forecast.
To transfer data and establish interactivity, we have developed a separate service that provides connectivity and is actually a broker for event messages that should be exchanged by the "front" parts of the system in real time.
When entering new data, the service predicts the necessary data, comparing it with the actual results, highlighting discrepancies and reasons.
Now the client has a model of several hundred criteria for competent calculation and forecast of projects.

Technologies: Python, Vue JS
2nd project
The goal of the project: To simplify the process, reducing risks and labor costs.
Benefit: Performing all operations in a single window.
The client's problem: the presence of numerous services and the inconvenience of data transmission.

The bottom line: The client kept three services with approximately the same functionality for the reason " Historically so happened”, which made it difficult to use and transfer data. We analyzed all the processes in different services and replaced them with one, speeding up operations, reducing risks, and making the process of interaction between all users and at all stages transparent.

Technologies: Python, Vue JS, Java

From the last one
Online conference platform
From the client we received a task to create a service for holding business conferences. And we made it cooler than Zoom. The platform developed by us provides a wide range of functions - from organizing large online conferences and creating rooms for local calls to conducting internal document management and communicating within your own social network, in the form of an analog of LinkedIn. The client has a website, a mobile application and a video engine based on the open source Jitsi system.

Technologies: Laravel, Vue JS, React Native, Core, Jitsi
FinTech projects

We have worked on various projects with Qiwi partners. One of these projects is an Integration Mediator for connecting the Terminal Network, the Qiwi payment system and the customer's company. In a convenient personal account, everything you need is always at hand – company products, market analytics, account navigation, account management, FAQ, banking details. You can use the button in your dashboard to schedule an offline meeting with your personal advisor at any time. The well-thought-out UI solution of the personal account allowed many of our customers to switch to online service without unnecessary effort, which reduced the company's operating costs and increased user loyalty.

Technologies: Java, Spring framework

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