Sparklingtide is a boutique studio founded by experts from Red Hat and Oracle.

We specialize in the development of complex and highly loaded software for fintech, telecom, construction, insurance companies, and governments of various countries.

We provide a full development cycle and focus on long-term cooperation and results during the working process, creating software that brings or saves money.
our proposal
We can help increase government revenue, implement the observability of cash flow and reduce the facts of corruption by providing a convenient non-cash payment method for National ID and Passport services.
Now your citizens won't need to spend time to pay, just a few taps on the smartphone screen and the service will be paid from the phone balance.

Especially for you, we made a demo design of the application so that you can evaluate how easy it will be to pay for services

Our portfolio
We developed a bonus point system converter for the largest bank in Russia.
Working load – half a billion transactions a day.

We were the only team among 6 others to successfully tackle this project.

Stack: Java 8 / Spring
Development period: 10 months
Team: 5 developers, PM, 1 analyst, 1 QA

The bank’s clients and partners received the following possibilities

Clients can transfer (gift) bonus points to each other

Clients can convert partners’ bonus points into the bank’s bonus points and vice-versa
Bank’s partners can be swiftly connected to the system and add their own bonus point program
We developed a web-service integrating two systems:
Payment terminal network
Payment gateway in a client’s personal account

Working load – 300 transactions per second.

Stack: Java/Spring
Development period: 4 months
Team: 3 developers, PM

A comfortable personal account offers all the necessary services:
Company products
Market analysis
Account navigation
Account management
Bank details
We developed a web-service that allows every department to work in their own partition of the system, while the system consolidates all data in one window. A model using hundreds of criteria for financial forecast of projects.

Our team took 1st place among 50 teams by code quality and agile-metrics in the course of independent EPAM audit.

Stack: Python
MVP roll-out: 4 months
Team: 5 developers, PM, 1 analyst, 1 QA

Stated problem

Excel was used for financial metrics forecasting, which resulted in:

Long loading times;

Usage difficulty;

Forecast opacity.

Total process digitization is necessary in order to heighten accuracy and speed of financial metrics forecasting.

The system acts as a broker of event messages, which the “front” parts of the system are supposed to exchange in real time. Upon input of new data the service forecasts the necessary data, comparing it to factual results and highlights discrepancies and the reasons for them.
Accurate financial forecast according to various parameters
Cost of each stage of a project: floor, house, round, quarter
Realization period
Other metrics
Error protection implemented
Role restrictions for data input
History of all actions and changes

If an employee made a mistake, it is possible to see who did it, and roll back.